Cohesion Idea

 Cohesion Idea
Cohesion Idea

Archery Tag is a popular game to play with family and friends, owing to its reputation as a pleasant and exciting pastime! Although it isn't well-known, however, where you can play the Archery Tag Singapore game, there is a list of locations below where you may do so.

1.Kallang Cage

The Kallang Cage in Singapore may be a popular site for futsal matches among many people. It's also one of the locations where we conduct the majority of our activities, such as archery tag. Kallang Cage is different from other places in that it is isolated; each pitch is encased in its own structure and independent.

The covered patio is large and attractive, thanks to the many ceiling fans and open windows. They also include a sound system so you may play your music throughout the party! The Kallang Cage, like the previous site, also has restrooms! After a session of Archery Tag, you may go to malls such as Kallang Wave Mall and Kallang Leisure Park to get some food.

2. The Fun Empire HQ

The Fun Empire has a multipurpose air-conditioned room that may be used for any occasion. This is an excellent choice if you're having an archery tag session in the city since it is only 10 minutes from town! There are tables, chairs, and restrooms available for your convenience.


Hyperspace is a brand-new music venue in Singapore, and it offers a 3,000-square-foot facility. Hyperspace may accommodate small groups of 10 to huge gatherings of 150 people depending on the occasion and is readily adaptable. It's ideal for an Archery Tag session or anything else! With so many different services and facilities available, you're sure to have a fantastic time at this resort!

4.Futsal Arena @ Yishun

Futsal Arena at Yishun is ideal for individuals who don't want to go far away from their homes in the North. This futsal arena is near to a bus station, which is accessible by taking a 10-minute walk from Yishun MRT. At this location, the archery targets are huge, shaded, and perfect for a bow and arrow practice.

Cohesion Idea

Archery Tag Singapore would be a great place to hold your birthday party or organize a team-building exercise. This game is enjoyable, thrilling, and exciting, ensuring that your bonding occasion will be memorable! We hope that this information has been useful in locating Archery Tag spots in Singapore that you will enjoy. Right now, reserve your archery tag with the greatest Archery Tag supplier in Singapore!

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