Laser Tag Games in Singapore

Laser Tag is a fun and safe shooting game which uses painless guns. This game is suitable for playing with safe-distancing measures because you can shoot someone from a distance. Furthermore, it requires little to no physical contact as players will be busy hiding away from each other.

When it comes to laser tag games in Singapore, the possibilities are quite endless. For a start, here are 10 Awesome Laser Tag Games in Singapore For Your Next Event. Feel free to bring these up to the facilitators if there is a game mode you'd like to try. However, do keep in mind that your facilitators might not have knowledge on how to conduct all the game modes available. There are simply too many!

Without further ado, let's get started on the different laser tag games in Singapore. If you'd like to read more about laser tag, you may use these links to different pages and articles:

1) Free for All

Laser Tag Games in Singapore

Typically used as a warm-up game, this game mode is a session for equipment familiarisation. Players are split into teams with the same aim: to shoot as many people as possible and to stay alive in the game. Each player will have limitless chances to re-spawn. Since this game only lasts for 5 minutes, there is a high chance that this one of the laser tag games in Singapore you'll get to try.

2) Domination

Laser Tag Games in Singapore

Domination has similar gameplay to Free for All, but this time, you'll have no second chances. In this game mode, there are no extra lives. Imagine that you are part of the Secret Service Forces and you are about to have a showdown with the terrorists. The first team to eliminate all the members of the opposing team wins. Otherwise, whichever team has more players remaining after the time limit wins. Time is of the essence! Which team will be the last one standing?

3) The Revival

Have a desire for revenge? Engage in one of the most strategic laser tag games in Singapore. Look for revival gems stashed at your own base. Anyone in possession of these rare gems will have the ultimate ability to revive the dead and give them a second shot at victory. Since the number of revivals is limited, strategise with your team about who to revive. You might want to revive the most athletic member, or perhaps even the tallest?

4) Capture the Flag

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A popular game made more fun with laser tag: each team has five flags of which the opponents will aim to snatch. Only one player is allowed to run into enemy territory to try and capture a flag at any point in time. If a player is eliminated while carrying a flag, that person drops the flag on the spot and exit the game. Plan your offence and defence strategies wisely, or be prepared to raise your white flag!

5) Mission Impossible

Laser Tag Games in Singapore

This is one of the laser tag games in Singapore with a higher level of difficulty. On top of eliminating your opponents, you are to retrieve puzzle pieces scattered around your secret base. As you look for these pieces, risk being shot by your opponents who have been sneakily waiting behind their barricades. In order to win, your team will need to dedicate time and manpower to solving the puzzle. All while remaining vulnerable to the invisible bullets of your opponents' guns.

6) Last Man Standing

Laser Tag Games in Singapore

It is now every player for themselves. There are no teams; nothing called camaraderie. Those you once trust are no longer your teammates. Sharpen your shooting skills and eliminate everyone in your way. This game works as the perfect ending laser tag game as it puts everyone back on an equal plane. Time for you to hunt for glory on a massive battlefield where only one man can be crowned the last man standing.

7) Medic

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The Medic is a great game mode that hardly needs extra props. The player taking the role of a medic will not be known to your opponent. In this game, this member will be worshipped like the king. But, this is to be done in disguise. With the power to heal his/her members, your opponents will want to eliminate your medic first. Once your team loses your medic, be ready for an annihilation.

8) Battlefield

Decorate your opponent's playing field with different coloured light sticks, these are going to be the bombs. With the bombs set in place, facilitators can call for a freeze in action and shout out different colours to indicate an explosion. Players standing near that coloured light stick are then considered as "dead". This will be one of the most thrilling laser tag games in Singapore because you never know if you're standing on an explosive bomb.

9) Maze Runner

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Interested in a game of hide-and-seek combined laser tag? Enter a maze on the opposite side of your opponents and get through obstacles placed in the way. You might want to split up to prevent being easily found by your opponents. Remember to stay on your toes as you anticipate your opponents within the labyrinth. Eventually meet up with your opponents and engage in a shoot-down to claim victory!

10) Birthday Bash

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Plan a laser tag session as a secret birthday segment and get ready for a good time! You can play to protect the birthday boy/girl or have him/her play against everyone. Incorporate birthday games like hitting a piñata or set the game objective as retrieving the birthday presents. As long as the birthday boy/girl feels special, anything is possible! In fact, trying out all the laser tag games in Singapore might be a fitting birthday present!

Laser Tag Games in Singapore

Aren't these laser tag games in Singapore exciting? If you want to know more about laser tag, you can visit our Laser Tag page. You can also look at other activities on our website. Our recommendation for games you can play now, would be our virtual games: Virtual Time Travel and Virtual Travel Experience. With these games, you don't even have to travel out of your home!

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