Team building games serves as an amazing tool for many employers to bond people together.

Due to the recent surge in covid-19 cases in Singapore, it is no longer possible for us to get involved in physical team building games. Hence, in this article, we will recommend the best 10 team building games suitable for large groups of people. All the 12 team building games can be done virtually.

Team Building Games For Large Groups

1. SaberFit Challenge

The SaberFit Challenge is the perfect team building game for companies to bring their employees together and lead a healthy lifestyle!

SaberFit is a workout that combines saber striking, neon combat sabers and fitness exercises. In the comfort of your own home, you can arrange a time with all your colleagues to come together and get involved in Saberfit via video conferencing apps such as Zoom.

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2. Leather Workshop

Have you ever wondered how leather items are made?

At the comfort of your own home, you will learn about the different types of leathers from our instructors and how to take good care of the items that are made from leather. On top of that, you will get the hands-on experience of crafting your own coin pouch and key chains!

This will be one of the most relaxing team bonding game.

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3. Art Jamming

As one of the most artistic team building games, Virtual Art Jamming is a relaxing workshop that is suitable for everyone. During the workshop, the trainers will explain the theory about color mixing and guide you through whenever you have any questions.

This workshop serves as a good team building game through creativity and art.

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4. Clay Workshop

When you are looking at those display dishes in a restaurant, have you ever wondered how those realistic-looking dishes were made?

The Virtual Clay Workshop provides you with an opportunity to create cute miniatures ranging from food to cartoon characters. This workshop will serve as a good team bonding game for you and your colleagues.

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5. Virtual Nightfall

Virtual nightfall is a fun and engaging team building game what was adapted from a popular game called Murderer.

Players will be assigned different roles during the game and their responsibility is to find out who is the werewolf that is hiding among them. Together with the trained facilitators, nobody will miss the fun of this game.

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6. Virtual Time Travel

You will love Virtual Time Travel if you are a fiction fan!

This is one of the most complex team building games where you will travel to different eras. To move to the next era, you have to solve the puzzles in one era. You have to be extra meticulous to solve these puzzles.

Are you ready for the challenge?

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7. Virtual Escape Room

What? A virtual escape room?

Yes, you are right. Produced by The Fun Empire, this virtual escape room serves as a great team building game. The participants are required to work as a team and solve the puzzles which are challenging in general.

You need not to worry as you can always seek help from our faciliators if you encounter any difficulties.

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8. Virtual Amazing Race

Do not get disheartened if your travel plan is disrupted by covid-19!

In the virtual amazing race, you will travel around the world in the comfort of your own homes. You will get to learn about the culture and heritage of many different countries. There will be challenges and puzzles along the way, hence communication and teamwork are important.

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9. Virtual Food Quest

In the Virtual Food Quest, you and your team will get to explore different cuisines from different countries through a series of engaging mini-games. In the mini-games, you guys are required to identify the right ingredients for different cuisines in order to win the game.

This is one of the more light-hearted team building games.

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10. Virtual Party Mania

This virtual team building game is the one for you if you like parties!

In Party Mania, there will be multiple popular party games that suit all occasions and ages. What is even more spectacular is that the winner will get the prize delivered to his/her home! Party Mania will be one of the most entertaining team building games for you.

Be ensured that you will be submerged with endless joy and laughter in this game.

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11. Virtual Game Show

Are you a fan of games shows in Singapore such as Spell Cast, Finding 8 and Gate Keepers ?

The virtual game show provides you and your team with a light-hearted team building game! You will be involved in a series of games and puzzles and the winner will be rewarded generously.

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12. Virtual Treasure Hunt


In the Virtual Treasure Hunt, players will form teams and will be provided with a map to plan their route. They will race against one another to find the lost loot.

This is a team building game that will test your planning skills, communication and creativity.

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So this is the end of the best 12 team building games for large groups of people. We hope that you have picked a suitable team building game to spend quality time with your colleagues, friends or family. Meanwhile, please stay safe.

If you find the ideas in this article helpful, please feel free to check out Fun Empire's team building activities!

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